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    Tips To Take Care After A Tooth Extraction

    Tooth extraction is the process referred to the painless removal of tooth roots or the tooth. It is a process that reduces postoperative complications and trauma to the tissues surrounding the tooth socket. This allows a smooth and quick healing of the tissues. You just need to follow the common instructions prescribed by dentists. Most dental clinics like Marks Dentistry will have all these instructions printed in a standard format which will be placed in the clinic or given to the patients. You must find out more about the importance of socket preservation after a tooth extraction before you venture into it. To avoid any kind of infection, it is important you follow these instructions.

    Once after the tooth extraction, you need to apply ice packs on the side of your face where the surgery was done. This will reduce swelling. Simple extractions will not cause swelling. But, there are cases that may require complicated surgery which will cause swelling. This will cause severe cheek retractions. Swelling may not occur immediately but once occurred the condition will prolong for a few days. The swelling could reach its peak within two or three days. You must apply an ice pack on the day of the extraction for maximum effectiveness. You will not get any significant result if you apply ice after 24 hours. Ice packs should be applied in a 15 minutes interval for one to two hours duration.

    You must let the extraction wound to clot so it can heal. You will be given a gauze piece to bite down near the tooth extraction site. You must take care to bite the piece for at least an hour after the surgery. You must not chew the gauze and ensure that you change the piece every half an hour based on the amount of bleeding. If the bleeding continues even after hours of surgery, try putting a wet tea bag on the wound. The tannic acid in the black tea will help in clotting the wound. Take ample rest after the surgery. Even if you feel better, don’t exercise or engage in heavy physical activity before 24 hours. While lying down, keep your position upright on the pillow.

    There are a few things you must take care of after surgery. You must not smoke for at least 48 hours after surgery. The chemicals in the smoke will affect the clot and the socket will not dry immediately. Avoid solid foods immediately after the surgery. Take liquid or softer food. Once the numbness is clear and you start feeling the jaw, you can start having solid foods. You can have smoothies, soups, yoghurts, milkshakes, mashed potatoes and so on. Don’t suck or sip any drink. As it is not possible to brush the area, so you must rinse the area with warm saline water. You must rinse after 12 hours of the surgery. Avoid poking into the gap of the extraction. You must take all the medicines prescribed by the dentist. You must avoid taking any medicines that are not prescribed, especially aspirin.