Pro Dev

Professional Development opportunities from Pop Data BC:

Linear and Logistic Regression

Linear Regression: Learn how to:

  • Plan for and run linear regression in SPSS, checking statistical assumptions and appropriateness of the regression results including being aware of the common misconceptions and hazards in interpreting regression results.
  • Communicate effectively with statistical analysis on regression methods
  • Understand the concepts such as covariate, confounder and interactions
  • Work on a data set to produce tangible results¬†¬†to build a parsimonious model starting from descriptive analysis to model fitting

Logistic Regression: Learn how to:

  • Identify the circumstances and situations in which logistic regression is appropriate, if not required
  • Understand and interpret logistic regression output from commonly used software such as SPSS.

6 x 2 hour sessions, 10am – 12pm
Starts May 9

Prerequisites: This is a beginner to intermediate level webinar series. Some introductory knowledge of hypothesis testing, statistical power, correlation coefficients, and simple bivariate regression. Previous knowledge of regression is not required.

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Latent Growth Modeling

Focuses on the practical application of structural equation modeling for analysis of longitudinal data with specific applications for social and health researchers.

5 day workshop
starts May 9

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Pop Data BC’s Education & Training Unit also offers:

Professional Specialization Certificate in Population Health Data Analysis

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