New Webinar Series:
An Introduction to RStudio for SAS Users

This webinar series provides an overview of RStudio for users who have knowledge of the SAS programming language, but are new to the R language.

This series introduces users to the basic elements and functionalities of R programming while framing the fundamental features of the R language in terms of how they differ from SAS. The series aims to highlight the fundamental aspects of R as an object-oriented language, and the flexibility this affords.

By the end of this webinar series, participants will be able to:

  • Navigate within the main windows of the RStudio user interface; import and export data; write R code to access, manipulate, and analyse data from an object-oriented perspective; and extend R functionality through the use of R packages
  • Use R to generate descriptive statistics and implement methods commonly used for statistical analyses, for example two sample inference and linear regression
  • Use R to generate graphs and plots commonly used for data visualization and presentation, for example scatter plots, histograms and bar plots

The webinar is divided into four, two-hour sessions:

Session 1: Tuesday May 24th, 2016
Session 2: Thursday May 26th, 2016
Session 3: Tuesday May 31st, 2016
Session 4: Thursday June 2nd, 2016

All sessions run from 9:30am to 11:30am PST

For more information and to register, go to:

Can’t attend the webinars, but want to know more about R?

An Intro to R-Studio Best Practices Guide is the latest addition to our range of FREE online courses on administrative data, statistical analysis and health geomatics.

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