BCEOHRN Annual General Meeting 2015.

2015 AGM gathering 10

2015 AGM gathering 8

The meeting included viewing of the documentary EARTH ON FIRE  that focuses on mega fires as they relate to our forests and ecosystem. Unique challenges now face forests around the world, and you will learn more about the delicate balance between fire, trees, and the climate. What this film lacks in frills, it makes up for in facts about fire and its important role in the global system.

BCEOHRN Annual General Meeting 2014:
May 15, 2014. Harbour Centre Campus of Simon Fraser University. Vancouver, BC.

BCEOHRN Executives presented their reports, we held an election for the Board of Directors positions, we presented and discussed new business and developed plans for 2014/2015.

Click here for 2014 AGM minutes

BCEOHRN Annual General Meeting 2012 (In conjunction with the CARWH annual conference 2012, May 31st, Vancouver):

Food, Nutrition and Environmental Health among First Nations in British Columbia”
plus AGM and networking events

featured speakers and followed by discussion session:

  •  Laurie Chan, University of Ottawa
  • Tim Takaro, Simon Fraser University
  • Darlene Sanderson, University of Victoria, University of BC
  • Margo Parkes, University of Northern BC
  • Aleck Ostry, University of Victoria