Webinar: Assessing Climate Change Risk for BC’s Highway Infrastructure

Thurs July 9, 11am to 12pm
To maintain the reliability of transportation infrastructure from the effects of climate change, we must look beyond historical information to future warming and precipitation trends and what they mean for British Columbia.
Dirk Nyland, Chief Engineer with the BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, along with partners such as the Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium, has helped develop a series of climate change risk assessments for BC highways. The risk assessments evaluate major transportation routes in Coquihalla, Yellowhead, Bella Coola, Stewart and Pine Pass.
In this webinar, Dirk Nyland and colleague, Jim Barnes, will offer an overview of the climate change risk assessments and provide details with specific examples of case studies within the province. While the focus of the case studies are on provincial highways, the information provides useful background for municipalities in the same regions to consider.     Presenters:
Dirk Nyland, Chief Engineer, BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure
Jim Barnes, Manager – Corporate Initiatives, BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure.
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