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Announcing fall courses in Admin Data and Population Health and GIS

To learn more, join us for a free 30 minute live Q & A webinar. We’ll introduce you to the benefits of our Working with Administrative Data and Population Health and GIS courses.

Wednesday June 19th, 11:00 to 11:30am PST

BONUS: For taking the webinar, you will receive free data analytic resources to use immediately in your work, and a discount on your application fee.


These 12 week, fully online, non credit courses are offered as a partnership between Population Data BC, the University of Victoria, Division of Continuing Studies and the Department of Geography.

Apply now for the fully online Professional Specialization Certificate in Population Health Data Analysis (PHDA) or take up to two stand-alone courses for professional development.

Please review eligibility requirements before applying.

For more information contact:
Nancy Aubut, Program Coordinator, UVic Continuing Studies, Phone: 250-721-8779

learn to work with administrative data
analyze health data using spatial techniques
“I have been using administrative data to gain insight into health and health services research for many years. The ability to affectively use administrative data opens the door to studying all kinds of important research questions – the course emphasizes hands-on training so you’ll learn the skills to apply key methods in your work afterwards.”
Kim Nuernberger, Course Instructor Working with Administrative Data (PHDA01) will explain the basics of what administrative data are:

  • Where they come from
  • How they can be used for research
  • What the data produced for research projects look like
  • The skills needed to work with them
  • Basic statistical analysis of these data

This course also provides an overview of ethics and privacy issues related to research uses of administrative data.

“As a researcher involved in environmental epidemiology, I see the strength and value of health mapping and applied spatial analytics on a day-to-day basis. One of the highlights of the Population Health and GIS course is working with students as they develop final projects that are chosen to expand on their personal interests in their academic or professional lives.”
Anders Erickson, Course Instructor In Population Health and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) (PHDA03) you will learn about:

  • The geographic nature of population and public health
  • How geographic data are incorporated into health research
  • Key considerations in spatial analysis
  • The applications of (GIS) to health research and population and public health

Throughout the course, you will gain hands-on experience working with a wide range of spatial data and analysis methods using ArcGIS.