BCEOHRN Policy: Advocacy Requests

From time to time BCEOHRN members look to their Network for advocacy assistance on certain issues. The Network is a great way for members to get word out to others about emerging issues of concern.

BCEOHRN is interested in supporting issues that are related to research capacity and its advancement in the province but the network’s role is not one of advocating on specific issues. However, where an issue related to research capacity that is clearly of interest to all members and not just a specific individual or small group, advocacy activities may be undertaken.

Members looking for advocacy where research capacity is impacted are encouraged to submit an outline of the issue and the action being requested to the Network. The Board of Directors will vet requests to determine their appropriateness before being circulated across the membership, or representations made to external agencies.

Members who have concerns with this policy are invited to be in touch with the leadership.